Updated: May 6, 2018

Doll Handmade Faerie cakes tea party baking baker
Sara and a few of her baked goods!

It was coming up to Beltane, and a big party was going to be held at the Domum, which is essentially their outdoor village hall. There were going to be all types of stalls, everyone showing what they have been busy creating. Lottie was bringing her new clothes, Elliot has his veg, Albert was excited to display his new paintings.

Sara was asked to bake her delicious cakes and biscuits, and with only a few days till the big event, she tied on her apron, and began baking!

She had just finished a lavender loaf, when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" She called, popping the kettle on. It was Albert, who's always in need of a cup of tea!

"Hello Sara, I was wondering wether you're planning on baking any of those delicious tea biscuits this year? They really do add to the tea drinking experience, you know!" He looked about the kitchen, in the hope that maybe there were some already baked, his tea already felt lonely without one.

"Well, no, I hadn't planned to make any, but I suppose I can squeeze them in!" Albert's face lit up, and he quickly finished his tea and left.

Before long, there was another knock at the door, and Lottie wandered in.

"Hello Sara, how is the baking going?" She enquired, as she helped herself to some sugar plums left on the side.

"Quite well, thanks Lottie... Uhm, what's in you bag?"

"Well, I was wondering, are you going to make that peach cobbler? I mean, it was so delicious, and I have been craving it all year! So, well, I brought you some of Elliot's peaches?"

Sara laughed, and sighed, and agreed she'd add it to her list.

Little did she know, half the village were going to call on her before the day was out. Edward requested acorn pie, Suzy asked for honey loaf, Marple wanted walnut bread, Elizabeth asked for carrot and ginger cake....

Poor Sara baked and baked until the very last moment!!

Finally it was all ready, and she took it up to the Domum. There was a little hut that they used to store everything in, and this year as there was so much food, it had been cleared to store it all!

Tired, excited, and ready for a good nights sleep, Sara fell into a deep sleep.

"Sara!! SARA!!!!"

A crashing and banging woke her up with a start, someone was hammering at her door! She jumped from bed and ran to see what was happening.

It was Elizabeth, who generally takes charge of all the celebrations.

"Oh, Sara, it's dreadful! Gremlins came in the night and ate EVERYTHING!" She explained between sobs.

Sara's heart skipped a beat. All that work!! Gone!! The celebration was going to be postponed for a day, in order for Sara to re-bake. A broken hearted, exhausted Sara trudged back into the kitchen to start all over again.

Before long, there was a knock at the door, and in crept Albert.

"Hello Suzy", he whispered. "About those tea cakes.... Would you like some help?"

Suzy's face lit up as she realised her friend had not come again to heavy her burden, but lighten it. Eagerly she gave him the ingredients, and began to explain how to make them.

Another visitor appeared in the kitchen, it was Lottie, another bag of peaches in hand. "About the peach cobbler..... Would you like some help?" Suzy began to laugh, as Lottie joined Albert at the kitchen table.

What wonderful friends, Suzy thought. Little did she know, by the end of the day she would have many more visits!

Edward came to help with acorn pie, Suzy tried her best at honey loaf, Marple baked walnut bread and Elizabeth gave up time organising to help bake carrot and ginger cake.

It was a busy kitchen! They all looked at one another laughing - they hadn't realised they had asked Suzy to do so much!

They all had a wonderful time baking together, laughing at burned edges, too much sugar, slightly flat ginger cake.

Suzy looked at all her friends and knew - the festival this year was going to be the best yet!