A Naughty little Sprytling

Tinivuel was helping her Mother get the Boothe ready for The Sprytes Monthly Market. Her mother and father sold everyday objects there, cloths, pots and pans. It was the first year that Tinivuel was being allowed to help and she was very excited. She, of course, had been to the Market before, (What Spryte hasn't?) and looked forward to it with great anticipation. All the wonderful boothes, with soft, sweet treats, beautiful clothes, and all manner of objects that the Portar's stole from the Human Realm. Not to mention the Sprytes that came out to perform. The air buzzed with the magic of their songs and dances. It was a large circular clearing, called The Domum. It has giant wooden pillars around the edges that their ancestors had erected to mark their arrival at Bagley Clump. During the month, you would often see Sprytlings playing there, and families having tea parties. Its tall pillars creating shadow giants that ran around the Village. But oh, During the blissful weekend of the Market, the Pillars would be decorated with all manner of objects. Beautiful fabrics would be wound around, connecting them to the next, and all Sprytes are welcome to add and hang anything they wish. It is done to thank the Ancestors who found the safe, quiet clearing they now live in, and to thank the Woods for allowing them to live there. Tinivuel grinned in delight. She pulled the heavy sack along behind her to where her mother and father were piling them onto a cart. "Why on earth are you smiling so?" her Mother laughed. Tinivuel just sighed, her eyes alight with excitement. Her Mother knew why, she had been exactly the same when she was a Sprytling. "Tinivuel, have you seen your brother recently?" She hadn't. Now that she thought about it, she couldnt remember when she had last seen him. Breakfast time? But that was hours ago! Oh, Turumbar, what on earth are you up to now. Little did they know, Turumbar was but 2ft above them, hanging upside down from a branch, and pinching things out of the cart when there heads were turned. He too, was very much looking forward to the Market, he just didn't really want to do any of the work..... By the end of the day they were set and ready. All they had to do was pull the cart to The Domum and set up in the morning.

Tinivuel woke up early the next day and jumped out of bed. 'Turumbar!' she called. "Turumbar, get out bed!" There was still no answer from her lazy brother, so she stomped over to the bed, only to discover he was not there. "Turumabar!" She shouted, worried now. There was no way that Turumbar had got out of bed before her, so where was he? "This is no time for your silly games! Where are you!?" But Turumbar did not answer, and he did not pop out of a hiding place. Tinivuels parents told her not to worry, that he was probably off causing trouble somewhere, and would come back once the food vendors had set up. Sprytes you see, are different to humans. I'm sure if a human child was missing, there would be allot of worry and searching, but Sprytes are not Humans, you see. They can look after themselves from a very young age, and Sprytlings may go of for hours at a time. (It's even rumoured that the Wylde Sprytlings go of for days at a time!) So Tinivuel, her Mother and Father went out to get the cart and start there day. Little did they know, another surprise was awaiting them outside. The cart was gone. Slowly the realization was on them, that the two disappearances were not exclusive.  That naughty Sprytling had taken the cart. Where on earth could they be now, though? He couldn't of gotten far away with a heavy, laden cart..... Could he?