Albert learns a lesson from the flowers

Albert had been working on a new painting for a few days, one of a few flowers, in a pattern. It was something new he was trying and so far, he was only becoming more and more fustrated! The longer Albert looked at it, the more it annoyed him that the stems didn't line up, the petals weren't perfect, and it looks messy and disorganised!

He worked it over and over, getting more and more down on himself. He was getting through a LOT of tea. (For both drinking, and painting!)

His best friend Camilla was begining to get worried about him, he wouldn't leave his home, he wouldn't leave his easel!

"Come and see them, come see the flowers outside Alby!" She implored.

But he wouldn't. He *had* to get this painting right!

A few more days passed when he heard a knock at his door. Fustrated, he went over and opened it. Curious! There wasn't anyone there! Albert was startled by the bright light, and stepped out into the warmth of the sun. The moment his foot left the door frame.... Slam! It was pushed shut by someone hiding behind it!

There were actually two Sprytes hiding, Camilla and Arthur. What a sneaky plan!

Before he knew what was happening, they had grabbed each of his elbows and were frogmarching him out of the garden gate.

They continued to march him all the way out of the village into the meadows.

"Now come and sit, and see the flowers Albert" Camilla encouraged, sitting beside him.

"I brought you your tea!" Arthur adds, pouring out three cups.

Albert sat and looked around. Everything was chaotic, flowers all mixed up together, some falling, some creeping up larger ones, no order or straight stems and perfect petals! Why had his friends brought him here!? These flowers were not perfect either! How could they help him!?

"Look Alby" Camilla coaxed "Flowers aren't painted, they're grown - and they grow wherever, and how ever they like! Why would you want to paint boring perfect flowers when in real life they are so exciting and unexpected in real life?"

So Albert looked. At first begrudingly, and then with open eyes and an open heart/

All the flowers were growing crooked, climbers over on the treeszigzagging over eachother, buttercups and daisies with broken petals, nibble marks from snails, great big soaring cow parsely that certainly wasn't concerned with being perfectly vertical!

Suddenly Albert remembered what it is that's truly beautiful about nature. Its imperfections, its wildness, its fragility. He remembered why he wanted to paint flowers in the first place!

He reached over and hugged his friends, and took a big swig of tea.

"Right! Lets get to work!" He beamed, pulling his sketchbook and paintbrushes out of his pocket.

"Did you bring any paint?" They ask him, in unison.

"No, but, we have all this tea....."