Camilla plans a surprise

Camilla was lying in the grass listening to her favourite sounds. The wind in the trees, the birds singing, the crickets chirping. She was thinking about how much Albert would love to paint this, when she decided she wanted to do something totally wonderful for his birthday in a few days…
Camilla, Albert and their closest friends Sara, Lottie and Elliot all love tea, (Camilla prefers Chamomile, Albert adores breakfast tea, Sara can’t resist spicy chai, Lottie has a penchant for peach tea and Elliot relishes a refreshing mint tea!) Camilla spent the rest of the day visiting her friends and making plans, each of them agreeing to bring something along.

It was a few days till his birthday, and it was very difficult for Camilla to keep the plans a secret. She avoided him, which was very hard as they are the bestest of friends, and he knows all the places she likes to go. She couldn’t go and listen to any of her favourite birds, she couldn’t go and lie in the chamomile grass, she couldn’t chat with the toads. On one occasion she had to quickly hide behind a tree, luckily spotting him walking across the fields…!!

Finally the day came, and Camilla met up with Lottie, Elliot, and Sara. Sara had baked a beautiful cake, flavoured with tea, Lottie had sewn Albert a new hat (he loves hats!) and Elliot had wrapped up some delicious strawberries from his garden. They set the table at Camilla’s house, putting up bunting, getting all different types of tea brewing.

Camilla was so excited! She went off to find Albert, and found him at his home, feeling rather sorry for himself. 
“Oh Albie, don’t be sad we all forgot, why don’t you just come to mine for some tea?”
“I don’t know Camilla, I think I would rather just sit here and be by myself, thanks.” 
Camilla had to think of a plan!! “There are honey cakes…?” 
“Honey cakes?” Albert repeated “Well, ok, I guess I could come over”
Once back at Camila’s, she excitedly threw open the door, revealing all his friends, the smell of cakes and tea, sandwiches, and the sight of parcels and smiling faces. Camila threw her arms around her best friend. 
“Oh I have missed you SO MUCH!!” She cried “You must of thought me beastly, hiding from you!” 
Albert shook his head, and took her hand. 
“So, where are the honey cakes?”