Dillenius makes a discovery

It was the perfect autumn morning for mushroom hunting.....

Crisp and clear, just a hint of dew. Dillenius sat down with his morning cup of toadstool broth, and waited for the Shroomie Sprytlings to arrive. They always did, invited or not, as Dillenius is the very best at hunting mushrooms, and as we all know, Shroomies just can’t resist them. They are happy to collect the ones he finds but already has catalogued, whilst he keeps searching for new varieties. 

Before long, he had about 5 Shroomie Sprytlings bouncing and messing about, eager to be off. The morning passed uneventfully, some tasty treats found - beefsteak fungus, black morel, delicious sweetbread. But no new types. Dillenius was feeling deflated when all of a sudden a storage smell wafted over. It was mushroom, but… new. 
“Shroomies!” He called out. “I can smell a new mushroom! Let’s go!” They all ran, excited, nervous - what if it was a false alarm!? The smell was getting stronger and stronger, it was pungent, the strongest he’d ever smelled.

They turned a corner and there is was. Giant. Huge. It was so big it was beyond words. Dillenius and the Shroomies stopped and stood in awe. It was definitely new. They all gathered around it, as it towered over all their heads, it’s cap big enough to be a roof. 
“So… who’s going to take the first bite?” The Shroomies nervously asked in unison. The Shroomies have an extremely strong stomach, and a deadly mushroom will merely give them a stomach ache. They often have competitions to see who can eat the most without getting poorly! 
They drew straws, (actually they were blades of grass, but - you know!) and Juno won. She bounded forward excitedly, and without ceremony took a massive bite out of it.

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Dillenius is looking out for mushrooms

She sat down on the floor and chewed. 
“What’s it like!?’ Dillenius was impatient to know - would he be able to try some, was it sweet, or strong, or mild!? 
Juno swallowed, and told Dillenius it was quite strong, but with a nice flavour, and if she had to make a guess it was that it was edible. 
Dillenius was overjoyed. He took measurements and observa

tions, the smell, texture, and made plenty of drawings. This was the discovery he’d always been waiting for! 
he came back every few days, continuing his observation, and within time managed to cultivate it. It is now grown in huge mushroom woodlands, and is a favourite Sprite-Folk staple.