Edward makes a friend, and finds some treasure!

Alice and Ida (Edward’s very best friends) had had a row. In the middle of the wood. Each of them walking off in different directions! Unwilling to choose between his friends, Sweet Edward thought he would just head home. He turned around and began walking and walked for a little while before he realised without Alice to guide them (She being the navigator) he had taken a wrong turn somewhere and was quite lost! 
He was in a little clearing, and rather than panic he decided to have a look around and see if there were any treasures to be discovered. He had picked up a few acorns, interesting pebbles, and the occasional snail shell, when he heard a little voice.

“What are you looking for?”
Edward looked around him till he saw the owner of the voice. It was a small mouse, watching him most curiously! “Oh!” Edward replied, “Treasure, I guess! Look at these beautiful stones” he explained, holding them out to show the interesting patterns.

“Do you like treasure, too!?” The mouse quickly asked, as he broke into a big grin and rushed over. “I know where there are real stones, real gem stones! But they are too far down for me to reach!” The mouse had climbed onto a rock, and was excitedly shaking Edwards hand around. 
“If you reach me one, I’ll owe you such a favour! Just let me know what I can do for you, and I will do it!”

“I don’t need anything from you, friend” Edward began to reply, before realising, actually, there is something he needed…..
The two of them set off, now fully acquainted and a bargain struck. (The mouse’s name is Barnaby, by the way) The walk wasn’t too long, and Edward really loved how quickly Barnaby moved about, hopping here and there, climbing up and running ahead, every movement filled with excitement. The two of them had lots in common, and loved sharing their biggest treasure find stories with one another. Before long, they had arrived. 
They were at a ravine, and all along the edge were deep holes, most just empty, probably home to Gremlins now (Or worse!) but a few were filled with quartz of all colours - purples and oranges, blues pinks, and pretty clear colours. Edward was amazed! He couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, and that he had never even known it was here! 
“Most of them are still pretty securely attached to the rock,” Barnaby started to explain “But a few are loose, I’ve tested them with my tail” He informed, proudly.

They went over to a hole that Barnaby was sure was the one he remembered, and asked Edward to see if he could reach. He could! Barnaby let out such a leap of excitement he almost fell in! Edward wriggled a few, and pulled them out. There was a purple one for each of them, and for a few minutes the two new friends sat admiring their newest treasures, the shapes, the reflections, the variations in colour. 
“Well, I guess it’s time to be heading back, isn’t it?” Edward sighed.
“I guess so, hey… Do you want to come to my house for some tea?”

Laughing, Edward replied “I think it may be a little cramped for me, but, why don’t you come to mine? Seeing as you owe me that favour and all!” 
The two of them laughed, and Barnaby held up his end of the bargain - to show Edward the way home. (Mice are excellent navigators, didn’t you know?)

Edward and Barnaby have been fast friends ever since, with Barnaby regularly visiting for tea and cheese biscuits, and to share their newest treasures with eachother!