Elizabeth the writer


Elizabeth loves to write, wether stories about her friends, things that have been happening in Bagley Clump, or entirely made up ones, she can always be found scribbling away. Once, she felt she was short of inspiring writing material, and so decided to follow a Porter (A Spryte who visit the HumanWorld, to um, 'borrow' things) and see if anything exciting happened. She had no idea how big of a change was to come from such a little trip!) The Portal opened up into a Post Office, though of course Elizabeth and The Porter had no idea that's what they're called. Elizabeth had spent the night in one before, but that's another story... They looked around for anything of interest, Elizabeth stumbling onto a bundle of newspapers "Look, Jeffrey (That's the Porter) these funny books are full of stories!" She stood and looked through, heaving the pages open. The stories were about things happening in the town, about humans, about things good, and bad. Elizabeth was hooked! They took their haul home, Lizzie dragging her newspaper. Or Human Book, as she called it. She took it straight to Harold, a book collecting Spryte, who loved reading Human books, and therefore knew allot about their world. "It's a newpaper, Lizzie" He informed her. "Humans go about, recording news, things that happen, and tell everyone else about them through the paper. Other humans deliver them to the Humans that want them" Elizabeth's clever brain was racing! She knew she wanted to make a Spryte newspaper, and that she had many friends in the village who'd like to help, too. Elizabeth spent all week visiting friends and neighbours, and having unexpected offers of help, once the word got around of her plan! She asked Ida, if she'd like to contribute her adventures with Alice and Edward, Harold to copy up Human tales, Marple, for mysteries and puzzles. Sara came and offered recipes, Albert offered illustrations,  and many other friends came to ask to help put it all together. It's a much awaited event in the village, and the Sprytes love to hear what's going on in their little village, announcements of things to come, news of things past. Elizabeth includes birthday announcements, party announcements - the Sprytes love a party..! Elizabeth also loves to write about the triumphs and successes of her friends, so you'll often see things such as 'Sara masters a new biscuit recipe! Taste testers welcome!" "Albert finished his new set of paintings! Come and see, and have a cup of tea on Wednesday!" She also covers the bad news - " Gremlins eat the summer tea party clean!" "Imps destroy Elliot's strawberries!"

It really is a wonderful read, and cheekily, I get the Porters to bring me one each fortnight. Then I can share the news with you..!