Elliot and the Snail

As you may know, Elliot is a keen gardener, spending allot of time in his garden and allotment, growing delicious food, flowers, herbs and fruit for himself, and many of the Sprytes in Bagley Clump. You may not know, however, about Elliot and the snail. One day, many, many moons ago, Elliot was out checking on his cucumbers when he saw a rather large snail sat on a leaf, munching! There is was, as plain as day eating the precious leaves on his cucumber plant. Well, I don’t need to tell you how cross Elliot was! He very plainly told Snail, “Off you go! You are not welcome here! These are my little cucumbers, and I do not appreciate you eating them. Go away!” The snail’s antennae drooped sadly, and he slithered slowly away. The next day, Elliot was staking his tomato plants, and there, bold as brass, was that darned snail again! “Hey! You!” Elliot barked. “I thought I told you yesterday! Be off with you!” The snail’s antennae drooped again, but this time he replied, in that slow whispery voice the snails have “I thought you said the cucumbers were yours, I didn’t realise the tomatoes were, too. I’m sorry” and he slowly slithered away. The following day, Elliot was peeping at his strawberries. As you may have guessed there was the snail, finishing off an entire strawberry! “Oh no! No, no no! Go away, snail! These are my strawberries, I am going to make Jam!”

The snail’s antennae drooped, and he mournfully replied “I’m sorry for eating your strawberries, I’m just really quite hungry you see”. “Well go off be hungry somewhere else!” You must forgive poor Elliot. He’s not at all mean, but he was so terribly upset about all the nibble marks. He does love his vegetables, you see. The next day, Elliot once again went to check his vegetables. This time he was checking his potatoes, and readied himself. But there was so snail. Not on top of the leaves, not under the leaves. He went and checked the runner beans. No snail. He wasn’t eating the peppers, the parsnips, the pumpkins, the tomatoes, the cucumbers, or the strawberries! Elliot felt relieved, yet, slightly sad.

The next day, the snail was still nowhere to be seen. He definitely felt sad now. He felt ashamed too, for being so mean. All of a sudden he had a marvellous idea. For the next two days Elliot was busy indeed. The whole village could hear hammering and sawing and the smell of upturned earth. When he was satisfied, The following day, he went into the fields next door, and called out “Snail! Are you here? I’m sorry I have been so mean! Please come, I have a surprise for you!” The snail poked his head out from behind a broken plant pot. “I’m sorry about your vegetables, I was very hungry, and they taste so marvelous. The weeds out here are so flavorless.” 

“Never mind that” Elliot replied, “Come, come with me!” and he led him back into the garden allotment. In the corner, was a big (for a snail) wooden house, beautifully built, with little windows, an arched door. All around it were new vegetable beds, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and even a patch of delicious dandelions! “This is for you” Elliot explained. “I was hoping, maybe you would like to be my neighbour? My name is Elliot.” “You built this for me!? Oh, it’s the kindest thing anyone has evr done for me. I would love to be your neighbour. My name is Walter” Not only have Elliot and Walter been neighbours ever since, they have been the best of friends. Walter is Elliot’s chief taster, and together they grow the most marvellous fruit and veg.