Florence stows away with some gardeners...

Florence was spying on a group of gardeners, as she is known to do from time to time, and heard them discussing a very rare flower that had been spotted. The ghost Orchid. Florence was instantly interested, and listened keenly. It had been spotted in Wales after having been missing for many years. The gardeners were all very excited, and packing to go and see it. 
Florence thought a dangerous thought - what if she hid away in a ruckask, and traveled with them to Wales?

Suzy-Q does it all the time, so why couldn’t she? 
She decided to do it. She quietly went and hid in one of the bags, cramped and hot and stuffy, but very very excited. She couldn’t wait to tell Elliot about this! 
Suddenly she was lifted up into the air, the muffled sound of chatter and clattering. Then ooof! She was roughly thrown back down and had to muffle an ouch. The sound of an engine started - she didn’t like the sound, nor the feeling of bouncing about, but knew there was no backing out now.

It was a long journey. They stopped once in a while, strange food smells wafting in the van, making her tummy rumble. She would give anything for some rosemary loaf, she was so hungry!

Finally, the engine stopped and didn’t start again. She peeked out of the bag, and when she could see nothing, she crept to the window. She could see the gardeners looking at a map, pointing, discussing. This is it she thought! Before they returned, she snuggled back into the rucksack.

“Won’t be long from here!” She heard one of them announce, as she was lifted up once more.

“Shouldn’t think so, it is marked on the map only about 3 and a half miles away, and it’s a lovely day for walking”

So off they went. Florence had a marvellous time, it was a nice viewpoint from a rucksack, she saw many things, and was eagerly setting them to memory so that Ida could write it all down.

The moment they had all been waiting for came. The gardeners knelt down, and Florence hopped out. They all stared in awe at this beautiful flower. How strange it was, floating from the trunk of an ash tree, its oddly shaped petals, truly ghost like. The Gardeners sat and sketched, measured, took photographs. Whilst they were busy packing away, Florence crept over.

“You are so beautiful” She whispered. “Please may I have one of your seeds for the Sprytewood? I promise to take good care of your baby”
The Ghost Orchid bowed it’s head and dropped a small seed into her hand. 
The journey home was uneventful, the small seed held tightly in her palm. The biggest adventure, planting and cultivating, loving and nurturing, was yet to come.

Florence wears a removable dress (which is filled with real dried flowers!) and flower crown, her hair is super soft wensleydale locks, she is jointed in her hips and shoulders, and her eyes are glass.

Florence will be available at the Banbury Spring Market, and then online after if she doesn't find a forever home!

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