Ida Strays from the path...

Ida, Alice and Edward were off an another adventure. They had been walking a little way, when Ida saw an intriguing path veering off to the left. “Alice!” she called “Alice, look! Can we go down this path?”

Alice looked down it, and shook her head. “No, it goes to deeply into the wood. I don’t think that’s a good idea.” You see, Alice is the one who leads, who instinctively knows the good paths and the bad paths, the ways to go and the ways to avoid. Edward is good at finding things, collecting nuts and berries for them to snack on, and Ida is a wonderful writer, recording all the things they do and see.

But, Ida wanted to go down this little path, and to her, it looked not at all dark. It was quite well lit! “Please Alice, I really do want to go down here.” She stopped walking, and crossed her arms. “No, Ida. We’re not going that way! I have the day planned!” The two Sprytes stood opposite one another, getting crosser and more stubborn with each moment. Poor Edward was quite unsure of what to do!

Eventually, Ida turned away from her friends, and did something very foolish. “I’m going this way wether you like it or not!” She announced, striding down the path. Alice was furious at her friend for being so stubborn, and so too, decided not to follow her. She carried on her planned path, and Edward, unwilling to choose between his two best friends went home. Ida felt very cross indeed, kicking the sticks and stones in her path. She walked for a long time and sat down on a log to make some notes. For a split second, she forgot she was alone, and began to ask Alice about the way they had come. Alice would always reply, “left at the old oak, right at the clump of toadstools” etc. Then Ida would copy it all down. In her crossness, Ida hadn’t been paying attention to where she was walking, she couldn’t even be sure of which direction she had come. She decided to write about it – her being lost- thinking it would make a very exciting story indeed. She was quite content for a while. 

An hour or so passed, when Ida realised it was getting very dark indeed. She began to feel lonely, and a little scared. How was she going to get home? There was nothing for it but to start walking. After a while, she began to feel that something was following her. Everytime she turned around though, there was nothing but a rustling, a twitching of leaves.

The faster she walked, the quicker the rustling. Frustrated, tired, and still cross, she dismissed her fear, climbed onto a tree stump and shouted ‘Come out! I’m not afraid of you!’ The rustling and twitching took a shape. A big shape. Ida gulped, her fear rushing back. It was a Imp. A Imp with his mean, laughing eyes looking straight at her. Imp love nothing more than terrorising Sprytes. Last year, one tied a Sprytling to a washing line! It was awful. Now here she was, alone with one in the wood. All of a sudden, she heard a cracking noise, a brief moment of silence then in a slow, stupid voice, “Owwww. Something hit me”. A stone had hit the Imp right on the side of the head! As he turned to look, another hit him between the eyes. A vast noise of shouting, hollering and calling came from the direction of the flying stone, and it was clear there was a large party of Sprytes on its way. A Imp will take on a solitary Spryte, but it has no chance against a group. It turned and ran. Alice and Edward came into view, followed by a group of their friends. Ida and Alice rushed forward, throwing themselves into each others arms, apologies and hugs and kisses filling the wood. “Let’s go home” Edward suggested. “Yes, let’s.” Ida agreed. “Uhm, Alice, could you show us the way?”