Lairelandon gets tripped up....

Lairelandon used to be much naughtier than he is now… you could say he was once a real terror!! He was constantly tripping up the Spryte Folk, he tripped up Edward, as he carried home his newest treasures, causing him to drop acorns, conkers, stones and shells all across the floor, he tripped up Sara, as she carefully brought home fruit and berries for her baking. He tripped up Albert, causing him to crumple his new painting, made Lottie drop all the needles and threads in her apron, and caught three little Sprytletts too, who couldn’t get out by themselves and had to cry till someone heard them! 
The Spryte-Folk became so frustrated with Lairelandon they decided to do something very rare - they all banded together and set out into the Wylde part of the wood to seek the help of the Spryte King Aranion. (Which is a story of it’s own!)
Aranion was very kind, and not so formidable as the Spryte Folk had grown up to believe, and promised he would see what he could do….

A few days later and Lairelandon had just finished setting up various new grass traps, and settled himself down to watch the fun. He saw the meadow grass rustling, and began to rub his hands in glee, when to his utter horror he saw a Gremlin emerge! The gremlin shuffled forward, closer and closer to Lairelandon, and closer and closer to the first trap. Before he could do anything (what could he of done anyway!?) The Gremlin was caught in the trap and roaring with frustration. It didn’t take long for the Gremlin to break free of course, or to spot the culprit. Another heart stopping roar knocked Lairelandon out of his shock and he began to run. He ran and ran until SMACK! He fell straight over his own trap, painfully onto his own face. Ignoring the hurt, he jumped up and started again, the Gremlin close behind him. BANG! Lairelandon had fallen again! This time onto his knees, and he knew they would be cut and bruised later. On the third run, he got himself tangled in a trap he was particularly proud of, and could not move. The Gremlin loomed closer and closer and Lairelandon was terrified.

Suddenly, a Spryte appears - Marple. She smiles at Lairelandon, but did nothing. Then Moirin appeared next to her, also smiling. 
“Why are you just standing there!” He cried out in frustration “Help me! Help!!”
The two Spryte-Folk continue smiling. Marple and Moirin are tough, no nonsense Spryte Folk, and dealing with a Wylde One as well as a Gremlin was not at all concerning to the pair of them. 
“We’ll help you” Offered Marple

“But first, you will help us” Added Moirin.

“Help you? How! I’m about to be EATEN!”

The two Sprytes laughed, “Gremlins don’t eat Sprytes, silly. They just TERRIFY them.”
This news didn’t seem to help Lairelandon.
“Fine! FINE! I’ll do anything” He pleaded.

“If we save you, you must never EVER make a trap in the Sprytewood again”.

Lairelandon’s face changed, as he realised he had been tricked. He wasn’t quite so convinced as to call their bluff, however.

He readily agreed, and a whole hoard of Sprytes swarmed out from the meadow, laughing, and they cut Lairelandon out of the trap. The Gremlin turned and left, as if he’d been waiting for this signal all along.

Needless to say, Lairelandon kept his word. He never built traps in the Sprytewood again. The human world, however….