Lottie wants a day off!

Lottie had had a busy week in her little sewing studio this week, she was making lots of Yule gifts for her friends - oven gloves, curtains, dresses, bags - she loves sewing special things for those she holds most dear!

The time came though, that she felt she needed a break - a brisk walk. She set off through Wytham Wood, where all the Ruckies live. It wasn't long till she passed Elliots house. He was digging in the front garden and when he saw Lottie pass he called out to her.

"Lottie!" She heard him call. "Are you busy?"

She wandered over, as he carried on speaking. "I was wondering whether you had a moment? My gardening bag has ripped, and I keep dropping seeds everywhere!"

Without waiting for her to answer, he took her by the hand and pulled her into his little hut. Elliot's home is just as full of plants as his garden, seedlings and vegetables on windowsills, ivy and climbers creeping on the walls. Little bags of seeds, tools, and cuttings are in neat little piles all over. Elliot rummages around and pulls out his gardening bag, showing Lottie the hole.

"Sure, I can sew that up for you" Lottie smiles, taking it in her hands and pulling out a needle and thread from her pocket. As she sews, Elliot brews some mint tea (his favourite) and in a little basket, puts in some green tea leaves, (Lottie's favourite) ripe, delicious tomatoes, and cherries. They chatted away together whilst sewing, and before long the hoe was mended.

Lotties said farewell, and was on her way with her basket of goodies.

Soon she passed Suzy-Q's home, and Suzy ran full speed out of the door, almost colliding with Lottie. She needed Lottie, too.

"Look at my skirt, Lottie!!"

It had a lace trim along the bottom that had almost entirely ripped off.

"What on earth happened?" Lottie questioned, already following Suzy-Q inside.

"Well.... I was sneaking in the human world, and all of a sudden one startled me! I fell, and caught it on something."

"Oh Suzy, you are going to be caught one day! What will happen if they catch you!?"

Lottie was already sewing the trim back on, and Suzy-Q had settled on a stool with her guitar.

"Would you like to listen to the piece of music I learned, while in the Human world?"

She didn't wait for an answer however, and began playing a quick paced, bouncy song quite unlike the melodic Spryte-song Lottie was used too. But she enjoyed it, and as always was impressed by Suzy-Q's music.

Once again Lottie was wandering through Wytham, walking a little brisker than before!

"Lottie!!!" She heard a voice call. Sighing, she stopped and looked around. A little head poked out from a hole in the ground, smiling. It was Edward, who lived in a burrow-home. Lottie was always nervous of visiting Edward as he was a collector, a horder of woodland treasures, and his home was a bit of a danger zone!

Nevertheless, she went inside, stepping over conkers, logs, piles of nuts and seeds, leaves. Edward had ripped the pockets in his jacket, and it would only take Lottie 5 minutes to patch. Whilst she did so, Edward happily showed Lottie all his favourite treasures, and picked out little things, popping them into Lotties basket - a piece of quartz, a conker bowl, a pretty stone.

Lottie decided afterwards to head home, and take a break there, instead! She was almost home when her pace was slowed by the delicious smell of freshly baked bread.

Sara popped her head out of the window and called out.

"Lottie! Come in, come in!"

Lottie settled herself down at the kitchen table, surrounded by scones, biscuits, cakes. Sara hands Lottie a big hot slice of bread with hedgerow jam, and Chai tea, and together they spend the rest of the afternoon in the warm, cosy heat of Sara's kitchen.

It wasn't such a bad day off, after all.