Mook learns something about butterflies...

Mook was out playing in the meadow, when he heard a small, slow voice yelp out in fright. Looking around him, he saw a small green caterpillar munching a leaf. “Are you ok, little caterpillar?” Mook enquired “Well, yes, I am, but… You nearly stood on me, you know!” Replied the small green fellow, almost seeming embarrassed to express his fear. “I’m truly sorry, I was looking up at the flowers, not at my feet. Do forgive me - can we be friends?” With that, the two of them became the closest of friends, Mook visited Small Green (Which he affectionately called him) everyday. Mook would let Small Green crawl up onto his shoulder and take him across the meadow to the most delicious plants. Small green taught Mook to look for the little things amongst his feet, tiny mosses and flowers, minute insects. Mook gave Little Green the love of adventure, and playfulness and courage.

For a whole month they enjoyed one another’s company, when suddenly Little Green disappeared. Mook arrived at the spot they always met, at midday, but, Little Green was nowhere to be seen! Just a weird looking leaf hanging from the buckthorn.

He sat down and started to cry. Had he hurt his friends feelings? Had something terrible happened to him? As he was watching the leaf, it started to wriggle and shake, something began to push out from inside! A furry damp head appeared, determined but clearly wary. This wasn’t a leaf at all! Mook was mesmerised. 4 little legs reached up and held fast onto the twig, using great strength to heave out two beautiful, crumpled greenish yellow wings. He crawled high up the leaf into the sun. Mook heard his old friend call out “Mook! Look at me now!” Still confused, Mook looked around searching for Little Green. “I can’t see you!”

Laughing, Little Green (Who we all know is now a Brimstone Butterfly) flies down and catches Mook’s attention. “I am a butterfly now!” Mook’s face cracks into a wide grin. “Wow! Little Green, you look amazing!! Look at those wings! Well, I guess I can’t call you Little Green anymore….”