Otto gets a fright

Otto was hidden in his secret place, only his flame like hair and alert eyes visible through the long grass. He was slightly twitching in anticipation… any minute now… NOW! Otto flew from his secret place as if on springs and catapulted into a flabbergasted squirrel with all his might. The two of them rolled a dozen times before crashing into the base of a tree. Otto was splitting his sides with laughter, the Squirrel was not. ‘Really Otto!? This early!?’ The squirrel panted. ‘I’ve only just got up!’ ‘Lighten up; Twigs’ laughed Otto, ‘at least you didn’t have any Acorns to drop, like last week!’ The memory of Twigs rolling over, with all his Acorns and hazelnuts flying all over the place was enough to start him giggling again. At this, Twigs stuck out his tongue, flicked his tail at Otto and scampered up the tree at top speed. This didn’t deter Otto from his morning of mischief though, oh no! He went straight up after Twigs, leaping and swinging with curious accuracy. Within moments, the two friends were laughing wildly, teasing each other by slowing down a little then shooting ahead, or throwing acorns at one-another. Little did they know that neither of them would be smiling when they got to the top… Twigs got there first, (For though Otto is the fastest Spryte for tree climbing, Twigs after all, is a Squirrel!) Otto saw Twigs’ tail disappear through the top of the trees, followed by a squeal of pain! Otto shot up the tree as fast as he could, grabbing handfuls of acorns as he went. Just before he cleared the opening, he slowed and peeped through. OHNO! A big, lumbering Goblin had got Twigs, and was throwing him up and down like a play-ball! Otto started to throw Acorns at the Goblin, one hitting his arm, then his tummy, and finally one hit him right in the forehead. He dropped Twigs who dashed back down to twigs as fast as his feet could carry him. Otto was only one pace behind, and neither of them stopped till they were both in their homes, under the duvet!!