The Spryte Folk are fully jointed, bespoke art dolls. They come with full stories, an outfit generally consisting of three or more peices, (including scarves etc - we all need scarves!) and lots of love.
The Spryte Folk live in a small village, and their lives (and stories) intertwine with one another.

Spryte Folk

The Wylde Ones are just that - Wylde!! They live nomadically in the wood, making their homes wherever they please. I always wonder if that's why they are smaller than their domesticated cousins - finding a place to sleep is easier when you are smaller!

They are embellished with needlefelting, embroidery, and paint, usually inspired by a very specific aspect of the woodland.

The Wylde Ones

Sprytlings are the young ones, inbetween toddlers and 'big kids' - Spryte Folk Sprytlings are usually found in nappies, wooly hats and covered in freckles!
Sprytling Wylde Ones look like the environement they have been living in, sporting mushroomy growth, flowers or the animals caring for them. Foxes, birds, deer or mice!


The sweet little babies. Bespeckled in freckles, wearing tartan and tweed nappies and hats. Each one unique, each one adorable!


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