My name is Victoria, and I am the sole creator of the dolls at Sprytewood.

I started Sprytewood, (then The Woodland Sprytes) about 10 years ago - I made two little faerie dolls for two children I looked after as a leaving gift. I made a few for fun for my blog, and they sold. 
I made a few more, and they sold, too. 
I've now been making Sprytes fever since, albeit with gaps, years adventuring, busy with other jobs, but always something I returned too.


 Now that I have a little Goblin Boy of my own, it is time for the Sprytes to become my full time passion and job. 

There is nothing I love more than spending hours in my workshop watching a Spryte come to life in my hands. Coming a close second to being out in the woodland with Pip, seeing everything for the first time again through his eyes, seeing all the enchantment of the wood anew! 

I adore creating Sprytes. I really believe it is what I am meant to be doing. The characters come into my head and demand to be made, annoying me, banging around up there until they're finally made into cloth. Even then however, they are not always happy, and it takes months sometimes till they are ready to find their forever home. 

Seeing them find the human they are meant to be with is so worth it, I really believe the Sprytes have a soul mate, waiting and seeing them come together is an incredible feeling.

Making Sprytes for a living is my dream. It is more important then ever now, as I want to spend every moment I can with Pip, to adventure with him, to while away the hours sewing while he plays, dreaming up creatures I can make into cloth.
It is my hope Pip will grow up surrounded by magic, spending days faerie hunting, escaping from Goblins, deep in the woods with his Mama. 
Most importantly though, I want Edmunde to have a different perspective of what work is, that dreams do come true.